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Dr. Taylor and Dr. Cudnik

Pecan Valley Chiropractors

Dr. Taylor and Dr. Cudnik

For over 25 years, San Antonio chiropractic patients have found the incredible benefits that chiropractic has to offer at Pecan Valley Chiropractic. If you are looking for a chiropractor in San Antonio who can help you get to the underlying cause of your health issues and "give you back your life" give us a call. We’d love to meet you and answer your questions.

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  • Jo Nell K.
    The smile and politeness of the staff and very courteous always willing to help.
    -Jo Nell K.
  • testimonial47
    Think I have found the chiropractor I need. A lot like the one I went to for 40 years especially with the first treatment.
    -Carmen S.
  • Janette G.
    All staff very pleasant.
    -Janette G.
  • Michele M.
    Everyone was so wonderful! I am looking forward to relief! And am hopeful my conditions will improve with treatment!
    -Michele M.
  • Timothy R.
    I feel that the doctors really listen to what I have to say about my problems and are able to give me accurate information as to why I'm having the pain I'm having.
    -Timothy R.
  • testimonial47
    Lots of smiles at the office! Super!
    -Morgan L.
  • Marisa T.
    I felt he really cared.
    -Marisa T.
  • testimonial47
    This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I was very impressed. Hopeful that I will be pain free very soon. Already referred you to my brother.
    -Rosemarie F.


San Antonio Chiropractors Give You Back Your Life!

Residents of San Antonio Love Pecan Valley Chiropractic

“Safe, gentle adjustments to the spine can offer relief for countless health problems,” Dr. Brad Cudnik explains. “Pain killers, other drugs and surgery don’t get to the cause of your problems, and often don’t provide lasting relief as the condition returns. Chiropractic offers lasting relief and long-term wellness.”

Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you are in pain or are looking for a healthier lifestyle, Pecan Valley Chiropractic
would like to help.

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Give our San Antonio chiropractic office a call today to schedule an appointment and learn
how chiropractic care may be able to give you back your life!

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