Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Julie Testimonial

Lowered blood pressure

"I’ve been adjusted for 5 years and this was the best adjustment I’ve had in years. My blood pressure was also lowered 25 points (systolic). Thank you!"

- Julie S.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Annie Testimonials

"I can now perform all my house hold tasks without any pain or restrictions"

"Words cannot adequately express my deep appreciation to Pecan Valley Chiropractic Center for assisting me in the relief of my severe and debilitating lower back pain.

Prior to starting care with PVCC my bags were packed in preparation for surgery, as recommended by two orthopedic surgeons.

However, following the recommended treatment plan you prescribed, I can now perform all my house hold tasks without any pain or restrictions.

Thank you and the wonderful staff for all your kind words and professional service."

Yours Truly,

- Annie L.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Bertha Testimonial

"My back, knees, and legs have not felt this good in a long time"

"I had been suffering with terrible left leg and knee pain for months. The symptoms had been getting worse and worse. I was seen by a medical doctor, he ran test after test, x-rays and labs, and he gave me no answers as to how my condition occurred or what specific treatment I needed. The only advice I got was to take Celebrex and anvil, which did very little to help my condition.

As time passed, my back was beginning becoming affected as well and my daily activities were almost impossible to perform. I was feeling hopeless and helpless. A friend of mine recommended I see her chiropractor because she experienced great results after being in an auto accident.

Since my first day at Pecan Valley Chiropractic I felt like I was being given the information I needed to get better. They told me what my problem was and how we would fix it. My back, knees, and legs have not felt this good in a long time. They also taught me to care for myself and to continue performing my exercises at home. I feel like I can do any activity I want.

Thank you, to both my doctors and staff at Pecan Valley Chiropractic!"

- Bertha S.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Cancholas Testimonial

"Now, our entire family gets treated at Pecan Valley Chiropractic for allergies to back aches and wellness checkups"

"We came to Pecan Valley Chiropractic because our two week old daughter was suffering from severe colic. It was terrible, her pain and excessive crying kept the whole family from sleeping and our quality of life was being affected. Our pediatrician told us that it was a “phase” and we should “let it run its course.

We tried many different medical remedies but they were all unsuccessful! A family member suggested we take our baby to a chiropractor and we found Pecan Valley Chiropractic. After a few chiropractic adjustments the colic stopped and our baby girl was feeling much better. Now, our entire family gets treated at Pecan Valley Chiropractic for allergies to back aches and wellness checkups.

Our family’s health and wellness are improved and have never felt better. We will continue to get our chiropractic adjustments for years to come!"

- The Cancholas

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Catherine Testimonial

"I never thought Chiropractic care could help me!"

"I was told I had arthritis in my spine. Yard and housework could cause horrible back pain. I was grouchy and irritated to my son and husband. Sometimes the pain was so terrible it would drive me to tears. I tried everything; medications, pillows, magnets braces, muscle creams and even orthopedic shoes but nothing helped.

The symptoms seemed to be getting worse and I began have numbness and tingling. I was afraid I was developing neuropathy.

Finally my son gave me a voucher to Pecan Valley Chiropractic. In two weeks I was feeling big improvements! I could stand in the kitchen and do dishes with little no back pain. I could even do yard work and still be able to function the next day, but even better than all that, is the numbness in my arms is decreasing.

I didn’t know how much Chiropractic could help, I was skeptical thought it could never help the problems I have. Oh how I was so wrong! Thanks Pecan Valley Chiropractic."

- Catherine B.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Lopez Testimonial

"The amazing Doctors and staff took great care of my family’s problems"

"Our family began going to Pecan Valley Chiropractic Center several years ago. We all started for different reasons at different time. My husband originally sought care after an auto accident, my son had terrible pains in his back and legs during growth spurts, my daughter’s posture was causing back pain and headaches, and I could not get out of bed without intense shooting pain in my lower back.

The amazing Doctors and staff took great care of my family’s problems. After our corrective care plans were completed, we all joined the wellness program. Now our whole family gets adjusted on a monthly basis to maintain great health, good posture, and active life."

Thank Pecan Valley Chiropractic,

- The Lopez Family

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Lucile Testimonial

"My family is especially happy that I’m back to myself again"

"I had severe pain shooting from my low back to my right hip and leg. I could not walk… even getting out of a chair caused severe pain. Driving was out of the question! I was taking over the counter medication, heating pads and spent most of my time lying down afraid to move. I consider it a blessing that a friend referred me to Pecan Valley Chiropractic.

After a few visits my life changed dramatically! I can even drive myself for my treatments. My family is especially happy that I’m back to myself again. Thanks to the Doctors and staff, they are all awesome!!!!"

- Lucile C.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Marielena Testimonial

"My neck and arm pain are so much better"

"I had neck, shoulder and right arm pain that kept getting worse and worse. I couldn’t even raise my arm above my shoulder. I went to my medical doctor… they just gave me muscle relaxers.

Finally, I was referred to Pecan Valley Chiropractic and saw Dr. Taylor and Dr. Cudnik.

My neck and arm pain are so much better, I am in a good mood now, and even my blood pressure has gone down! I keep asking myself “Why did I live with the pain for so long when I can feel this good.”

- Marielena A.

Chiropractic San Antonio TX Rachel Testimonial

"Each visit I would feel better…"

"When I first came to Pecan Valley Chiropractic I was doubtful they could help me. I had severe right hand pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).

My hand hurt so bad I hardly used it! It prevented me from doing my work, I couldn’t sleep well, and even opening a jar was difficult. I went to the drug store and bought braces and used pain gels but nothing helped!

By my second visit at Pecan Valley Chiropractic I could feel the difference. Each visit I would feel better… now I am doing my work and home duties like I used to!

I would like to thank the Doctors and staff for a great job and I would recommend this treatment to anyone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."

- Rachel G.

"New Found Trust"

"Staff was helpful and understanding. The staff were also friendly and I felt at ease the moment I walked in. Very patient with me since I took a little longer filling out my paperwork. Doctor was professional, knowledgeable, and Helpful. I felt at ease and the doctor not knowing it helped me with something with a phrase he said. He said something to the effect of, Forget about the car accident that has already happened and has past. Let’s focus on what your feeling now. While I was rambling on about an accident that happened last year and in which I don’t feel any more pain from, I did not notice I was focusing on too much that. I stopped playing mind games with myself and I felt more relax and confident that the doctor was there for me, to help me. This was my first time going to a chiropractic doctor. I’m confident and have placed a new found trust in chiropractic doctor and find that the staff and doctor at Pecan Valley Chiropractic are there for me."

- Leticia A.

"Friendly And Helpful"

"Very friendly and helpful staff!"

- Traci H.

"Attentive, Nice, Accommodating"

"Pecan Valley has the most attentive, nicest, accommodating staff I have ever seen! This is the best place to be if you want to get effective treatment."

- Meagan M.

"Feeling Relief"

"Just to feel relief is the best experience of all. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Dr. Cudnik was very informative and provided visual information to fully explain everything in detail."

- Christine G.

"Very Professional"

"Very professional front office staff!"

- Silke M.

"Staff Is Terrific"

"Dr. Cudnik is the best. Very understanding and caring about my condition. Staff is terrific!"

- Ray R.

"Relief Of My Pain"

"Have been given relief of my pain and appreciate their help in reducing pain. Thank you so much."

- Catarina F.

"Fast Service"

"Just everybody is friendly. We never have to sit and wait. Very fast service."

- Jeanette B.


"Keep up the good work. I am going to recommend your practice to anyone who asks or needs help with chiropractic care."

- Autumn L.

"Friendly And Helpful"

"The staff is always friendly and helpful. The office always looks neat and clean. The doctors take the time to listen and answer questions."

- April L.

"Great Atmosphere"

"Great atmosphere and very caring staff."

- Johan W.

"Courteous And Friendly"

"This facility had a very professional staff who were courteous and friendly as well as the doctor’s knowledge and experience."

- Edward R.


"Dr. Cudnik is amazing! He is kind, knowledgeable, comforting, and understanding."

- Maria F.

"Friendly And Caring"

"Staff is very friendly and caring!"

- Robert E.

"Relieved Pain"

"I have and will continue to refer my family and friends to the clinic. It has helped relieve all of my pain and I continue to visit the clinic twice monthly as I am a member of the wellness program. Thanks to all at the clinic for the services you continue to administer."

Ruth C.

"Best Care"

"Nothing means more to me than my health and the confidence that the people who are working with me to insure that I am getting the best care possible is essential. I believe that this is what I am getting here and I appreciate that there are many other people expecting the same treatment and personalized care that you provide."

- Mark D.


"I was in severe pain and was happy to get seen that very day I called. The staff are very friendly and always smiling."

- Daniel D.

"Very Nice"

"Very nice and helpful office and therapy staff."

- Thomas M.


"I am looking forward to my treatments and feeling much better. Wonderful doctors and staff!!"

Vadean K.


"The staff is very friendly and helpful. She explained each treatment and how it will benefit me. I appreciated that. My appointment was on time and this is very important to me. Looking forward to feeling better."

- Veda B.


"The staff is very friendly and patient. This makes going to the appointments easy and something I look forward to. The adjustments by the chiropractors have really helped with lessening the pain in my shoulder. Keep up the great work!"

- David C.


"Dr. Brad Cudnik is a wonderful chiropractor that I recommend to all of my family and friends."

- Belinda A.

"Have Been Helped"

"This is the first time I’ve been helped in three years! Thank You! Why do other doctors listen, but not hear?"

- William F.

"Great Environment"

"Great environment, professionalism level was high. Clear communication between the staff and myself. I look forward to having my treatment performed at Pecan Valley Chiropractic."

- Ronald S.


"All of the staff were very helpful. I really felt confident that Dr Cudnik will do everything possible to make me feel better."

- Dinah B.

"At Ease"

"The office staff is extremely helpful and accommodating. Both Dr. Cudnick and Dr. Taylor put my mind at ease and made me very comfortable regarding my treatment. The entire experience was very pleasant."

Kristine M.


"The staff and chiropractors are very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I have already been doing some word of mouth advertising so people can experience the same treatment I have/am receiving."

- Cheneldra M.

"Pleasant first visit"

"Great first visit. Doctor took the time to explain my situation thoroughly and in a way I understood. At no time did my visit feel rushed. Also, the staff is AMAZING! Nicest and most helpful staff I have ever seen. I will recommend your office to all my friends and family."

- Stephanie Z.

"Friendly staff, Knowledgeable and caring Doctor"

"I was having severe low back pain as well as a lot of other health concerns. I was on short term disability for over 6 months and I knew I couldn’t go back to work with this pain, that’s when I found Pecan Valley Chiropractic.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly the staff is, and how knowledgeable and caring the Doctors are.

The treatment I have received here has helped me so much… I am at work full time, without restrictions! I thought this day would never come, and because of the care and attention I received, my depression is better."

Thank you,

- Nancy J.

"My life has improved, I move more freely… without PAIN"

"I had severe carpal tunnel syndrome. I could hardly write or crochet (which I love to do). I actually had plans for surgery!

Additionally I was suffering with severe lower back pain that made it impossible to do anything like housework or gardening. I was taking prescription and over the counter medications every day but nothing worked. I was convinced that I would be this way for the rest of my life……….

That’s when I discovered Pecan Valley Chiropractic. My life has improved, I move more freely… without PAIN. I can now do the things I love like gardening, watering the yard and crocheting.

Thank you to all the staff and doctors at Pecan Valley Chiropractic"

- Ruby O.


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